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CPAP Mask & CPAP Tubing: Most comfortable and Most Affordable
Legend Medical is a World Leading Supplier of
CPAP, Anesthesia, Respiratory Care Products
Most comfortable and Most Affordable CPAP Mask and CPAP Tubing
Legend’s CPAP products: Reliable and Most Affordable
We Provide a full Line of Quality Anesthesia Disposables
Supply Sterilization Pouch that Features Quality
We Offer the Most Cost Saving and Great Customer Service
Legend is a Place for Superior CPAP & Respiratory Supplies
A Rich Selection of the Products at You Finger Tips
Legend Medical, Partner of Healthcare Professionals
Most comfortable and Most Affordable CPAP Mask and CPAP Tubing
We Listen to What You Say about Our Products and Services
R&D and Customer Service is the Cornerstone of Our Success
Call us for your order, and we will respond to your need timely
Breathing Circuit,Airway Product, Intubating Stylet, Suction Tubing
tracheostomy care tray, resuscitator, bubble humidifier, oxygen mask
nebulizer, tracheostomy mask, sterilization wrap, venturi mask, all in here
Most comfortable and Most Affordable CPAP Mask and CPAP Tubing
  • Deliver Portfolio Products at the Most Competitive Price

    Legend Medical provides a rich selection of quality CPAP, anesthesia and respiratory care products for our customers. We will continue to dedicate the significant resource to develop technologically advanced medical products that have both innovative features and clinical benefit. The example of our innovative products include Softlite™ nasal cannula, anesthesia mask, CPAP tubing, laryngeal mask airway and endotracheal tube.

  • Strong Leadership and Vision

    We operate under the strong leadership of the founders who have started and managed fast growing start-up operations for years. We uphold high professional standards and view the customer's satisfaction as an indispensable driver of our long-term business growth.

  • Extensive Industrial Resources in Asia

    We operate locally, and have engaged in business development and marketing in Asian countries for many years. Our know-how to source quality products at competitive prices is invaluable to our customers’ effort to maximize their operating profitability.

  • Knowledgeable in Medical Products

    Our product managers have extensive training in medical sciences, and have a good understanding about the clinical need of our products.

  • Excellence in Supply Chain Management

    Our staff's operating experience in international logistic service is an asset we take great pride in.

  • Strong Partnership with Healthcare Professionals and Industrial Players

    We grow our business by focusing on developing the top-notched medical products and providing the most satisfactory customer service. We listened to what healthcare professionals say about our products, and strive to make our products to be the most user friendly.
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