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CPAP Mask & CPAP Tubing: Most comfortable and Most Affordable
Legend Medical is a World Leading Supplier of
CPAP, Anesthesia, Respiratory Care Products
Most comfortable and Most Affordable CPAP Mask and CPAP Tubing
Legend’s CPAP products: Reliable and Most Affordable
We Provide a full Line of Quality Anesthesia Disposables
Supply Sterilization Pouch that Features Quality
We Offer the Most Cost Saving and Great Customer Service
Legend is a Place for Superior CPAP & Respiratory Supplies
A Rich Selection of the Products at You Finger Tips
Legend Medical, Partner of Healthcare Professionals
Most comfortable and Most Affordable CPAP Mask and CPAP Tubing
We Listen to What You Say about Our Products and Services
R&D and Customer Service is the Cornerstone of Our Success
Call us for your order, and we will respond to your need timely
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nebulizer, tracheostomy mask, sterilization wrap, venturi mask, all in here
Most comfortable and Most Affordable CPAP Mask and CPAP Tubing
Respiratory Care, Anesthesia, CPAP, Sterilization Pouch Products
        Legend’s many years’ R&D in developing new respiratory care products led to the creation of its CPAP tubing and masks that have many clinically important features. Its CPAP tubing is not only sturdy and flexible but also is clear, which allows easy-monitoring for regular change.

CPAP Tubing
CPAP Tubing

Legend Medical Devices develops quality CPAP tubings with great transparency and reliability.

Legend's CPAP tubing has the combination of strength and flexibility. The smooth bore tubing has four different sizes.

CPAP Tubing: 2ft, rubber end
CPAP Tubing: 6ft, rubber end
CPAP Tubing: 8ft, rubber end
CPAP Tubing: 10ft, rubber end


Legend Medical Devices supplies anatomically designed CPAP full face mask and nasal mask that can deliver the superior comfort and reliability. the mask has silicon cushion and its light weight.

CPAP Mask: full face, small
CPAP Mask: full face, mediuml
CPAP Mask: full face, largel
CPAP Nasal Mask

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